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Aspera is a well known Swedish brand offering exclusive, high quality wedding and evening dresses which are made of the most delicate textiles emphasize the sensual feminine beauty.

Majority of outfits are hand made, created with satin, chiffon or silk and decorated with embroidery, pearls and Swarovski crystals.

Alicja Eklöw has many years experience of designing dresses. She is the owner and the main designer of Aspera. Alicja Eklöw started in 1992 from a modest studio in Stockholm, which specialized in wedding and evening dressses. Her clients were impressed with Aspera’s creations so Aspera collections have become very popular all over Europe and US. Fame and popularity of the Aspera dresses is fully justified.

Today Aspera is the leading manufacturer of wedding dresses and accessories in the world.

Alicja’s stylish creations have also been appreciated by the Swedish Royal FamilyPrincess Madeleine, Nobel Guests, Miss World, International Top Models and other well known Swedish Celebrities.

Alicja Eklow has designed unique dresses for Miss World since 4 years.
As well Miss Sweden taking part in Miss World Beauty Contest in 2007, 2008 and 2009 wore Aspera creations.